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The Master cut-off knife is comprised of three main sections – the infeed delivery section, the cutting section, and the outfeed delivery section.

The intelligent design of the Master cut-off knife allows for short sheets to be run at the industries highest line speeds. The outfeed delivery section consists of an independently driven no crush exit roll and vacuum belts. The outfeed system can also be fitted with a sheet diverter system on each knife level to automatically eject order change sheets and all splices, while constantly maintaining a continuous unbroken flow of web through the dry-end at all times and at full line speeds.

The waste divert system will also eject out-of-register preprint sheets and any waste board that has been automatically detected by Fosber’s Pro/Quality defect detection system, ensuring that only 100% saleable sheets are delivered on to the downstacker. The ejected waste sheets at each level are diverted on to a waste conveyor and laterally discharged to either the operator side or drive (or both sides).

This means quality checks of the sheets can be very easily and safely carried out here at any time, significantly reducing the manpower requirement and workload on the stacker and catwalks. The waste diverter system has a cassette design allowing it to be completely extracted from the machine for much easier maintenance.

 The Master cut-off knife can also be fitted with a self-positioning “digital ready” automatic cut-to-pattern recognition system for the running of pre-printed liners. The system automatically and instantly synchronises on the target mark and can be configured to run pre-printed on both the top and bottom sides of the board. Preprint orders can be run fully automatically on a back-to-back basis, with different preprint orders being run simultaneously on each knife level with practically zero waste and without the need for any operator intervention whatsoever.

 In order to meet different production requirements the Master is available in various performance levels, corresponding to the number of drive control units. All drive motors are brushless AC motors and cut length precision is guaranteed via a Vector Drive Control with a power recovery system, greatly reducing power consumption. The Master cut-off knife is run by a high performance control system featuring: Order visualization, Machine Status, production Data, Fault Diagnosis, and Operator override facilities.

The system also allows the Master to communicate with other dry-end machinery and scheduling systems, as well as enabling remote access via modem or network connection for additional Fosber diagnostic and support services. Operator safety on the Master Cut-off knife by use of extensive guarding and lockout devices will satisfy the most stringent of company or government standards.

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