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1. Do you collaborate with technical and professional institutes?

2. Is there the possibility for undergraduates who intend to graduate/qualify to carry out an internship with you?

3. Is it possible to carry out an apprenticeship with you following graduation?

4. Where is it possible to consult the job opportunities available at Fosber?

5. How often are the job opportunities updated?

6. Do you collaborate with employment agencies?

7. Where is it possible to find information regarding the pay scales of the various positions?

8. How are recent graduates, college and school-leavers placed?

9. Is it possible to apply even though there are no positions available?

10. Does the company only employ persons with experience?

11. Who do I send my application to?

12. Is there a deadline for the presentation of applications?

13. How much time should pass before I reach the conclusion that I will not be offered an interview?

14. On what basis are applications selected?

15. What characteristics does the ideal candidate possess

16. In the event that an interview does not have a positive outcome do you inform the interviewees?

17. Who should I refer to for ulterior clarification?

18. How would you define the Fosber company atmosphere?
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