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We are convinced of the strong tie between the value of our "Human Capital" to the performance and competiveness of the company itself. For this reason we are constantly committed to providing the people working at Fosber with additional support services, tools and many other added benefits.

Fosber is an establishment where all individuals are fully respected and judged with open objectivity. Our people are properly rewarded not only for their effective value but also on the effort they make.

The placement in the company of recently graduated university and college students, as well high school leavers, provides the structure and opportunity to define potential career paths. This means within a very brief period of time such individuals can attain a position within the company suited to the subjects they have studied as well as the career path they have chosen to follow.

Every year Fosber carries out an annual review where the commitment and effectiveness of each individual in the company is attentively and impartially evaluated. Based on this review Fosber is fully committed to recognising career advancements and bonuses to further boost the motivation of our workforce and as a result the competitiveness of the company.

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