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Massimiliano Bianchi, President and Managing Director of the Fosber Group.
Graduated in Electronic Engineering and then specialized in Bioengineering, after a brilliant university career, Bianchi worked 3 years at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), a global management consulting and technology services, where he gains a strong attitude towards the organization and the leadership skills.
In 2001, when Fosber turnover was just € 38 million, Bianchi was hired at Fosber as Commercial Director, bringing skills and dynamism which were not typical of the machinery industry for the corrugated board. Soon he became a reference point for the company: his knowledge and expertise of the Company and the market enabled him to become Operative Director in 2006 and General Manager in 2010 while in 2015 he was appointed as Managing Director
2016 was a great year for the Fosber Group with a turnover exceeding € 144 million:
on June 2017 Bianchi – aged 45 – is appointed President and Managing Director of the Fosber Group by the Board of Directors thus confirming a wholehearted support of the current management and structures in place at Fosber.
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