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Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy of Fosber S.p.A

To persue sostainability, or rather to act in respect of the environment, of the quality of life and more in general, the centrality of the person, is an objective that Fosber carries on even with more conviction through a process of continuous improvement started years ago.

Since years, our company is considered on the cutting edge, in reference to its world maket, for innovation and technology. Fosber, infact, represents one of the greatest realities in the world, regarding the production and installation of complete lines and single machinery for the corrugated board world industry.

In the development of its business, Fosber intends to strengthen its obligation relative to aspects like the ethic and environment acquiring in this way an aspect of a complete enterprise, thanks to a responsible and correct attitude through a constant improvement of work to be carried out on the entire field and with a single object:

maintain our social reputation level high, that is to say, feel esteemed and valued for what we offer and for what we are.

We are aware that the well-being that we create on the market cannot leave out of consideration the attention towards the exploitation of the natural resources, nor the involvement that our initiatives can assume.

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